Transfer Factors

The Science Behind Transfer Factors and their Effect on the Immune System

Transfer Factor, a small polypeptide that is produced by a type of white blood cell called a T cell and that when passed from one person to another produces cellular hypersensitivity. It was discovered in 1949 by American immunologist Dr. Henry Sherwood Lawrence at New York University. He determined that an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient through a white blood cell extract. He concluded that the extract contained a factor capable of transferring the donor’s immunity information to the recipient and named the substance Transfer Factor. The most fascinating aspect regarding Transfer Factor is that the hypersensitivity it transfers to cells has properties of both passive and active immunity.

Transfer Factor is a dialyzable, low molecular weight, lymphocyte extract, meaning that it can be separated out of active T cells. Dr. Lawrence realized that Transfer Factors were able to communicate the exact immunological information from the donor to the recipient regarding a single or as many as thousands of specific antigens. Simply put, Transfer Factors are very small protein molecules that can express cell-mediated immunity from the original immune sufficient donor to a immune deficient recipient. Basically, Transfer Factors help educate the immune system.

Since this amazing discovery, initial research and studies subsided dramatically in the 1970’s, largely due to the high price tag coupled with a specific focus on mostly rare viruses. Then in the 1980’s Transfer Factors started to catch the eye of several researchers again. It had been recognized and accepted that Transfer Factor could only be found in the blood. However, two researchers from North Carolina pursued the idea that Transfer Factors could be harvested from colostrum found in Mother’s milk. Their suspicion that their theory was true was based on their observations of cattle in the field. Those who have worked with cattle know that if a calf is not allowed to nurse from its mother it will most often die within a short time, even though provided with an abundance of food. Death in these cases were caused by infections brought on by the most common organisms. It seemed clear to Wilson and Paddock that for some reason the immune systems of these calves were not protecting the calves. They realized that the colostrum being nursed from mother to calf was somehow jump starting the calves adaptive immune system. They surmised that our mother’s milk or colostrum, must be one of the richest sources of concentrated Transfer Factors. They now believed that Transfer Factors prevalent in colostrum have the sole purpose of transferring immunity from the mother to the baby’s immature immune system. Based on this knowledge, the two researchers from North Carolina pursued the idea that Transfer Factors could be harvested from bovine ( cow ) colostrum and as proven by Dr. Lawrence years earlier, shared with other cross species mammals. In March of 1989, Gregory B. Wilson and Gary V. Paddock of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina were granted patent # 4,816,563 for the” Process for Obtaining Transfer Factor From Colostrum, Transfer Factor So Obtained and Use Thereof “.

Looked at in another context:  Imagine if you will, that you have a brand new computer and you just connected it to the world wide web with all the potential viruses, malware and spyware that could infect the brand new system and files. The first recommendation we are always given by the computer manufacturer is to protect our computer by installing a trusted anti-virus and immediately updating the virus signatures and definitions before using the computer openly online. We do this to protect our new computer from crashing or freezing, and even infecting others…. Basically, Transfer Factors act as the body’s Anti Virus Update for our baby’s brand new Immune System! Further updates will always be required in order to maintain optimum health as we become more and more exposed to new viruses and infections. Transfer Factors would be similar to the Virus Definitions and Signatures that our body uses to teach our Immune system and the first time we download them is within the first sessions of breast feeding from our mother’s colostrum. However, just as we use an Anti-Virus 24/7, for our computers, some researchers realized we should be doing the same for our immune system, which could easily be weakened or overtaxed by stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise and contaminants.

“All mammals produce Transfer Factor, however scientists prefer to work with normal bovine colostrum. A healthy cow already produces millions of different Transfer Factors, but when the cow comes into contact with a pathogen such as a virus, it produces a new Transfer Factor for that specific virus or pathogen. For individuals challenged by specific pathogens – such as those suffering with chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, supplementation with the appropriate Transfer Factor molecule may provide the  ‘missing link’, thereby helping the immune system to target and destroy the offending pathogen and mitigate the symptoms of the disease.” – Rob Robertson, MD.

In 1998, 4life Research Inc. purchased the licensed patent to extract Transfer Factors from cow colostrum. The creation and introduction of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic opened the door to a new category of immune system support products. 4Life’s commitment to Transfer Factor research has progressively raised the standard for modern-day immune system supplementation. Transferceutical Science encompasses the research and development of products that help educate the immune system to Recognize, Respond to and Remember potential threats. 4Life Research Inc are the leaders in Transferceutical Science. Take a look at how 4Life Research makes Transfer factor for the world:

      So what is the difference between other Colostrum products and 4Life Research Transfer Factor?

Unlike typical dried colostrum supplements, Transfer Factor XF contains a concentrated amount of Transfer Factors, which are the essential protein molecule found in colostrum. Through several special patented processes licensed exclusively to 4Life Research, eg. ( PATENT # US 7,815,943 B2 ), Transfer Factors are separated from other components found in this “first milk”. 4Life Transfer Factors readily survive digestion and are easily absorbed, unlike the antibodies and proteins found in colostrum. In addition, Transfer Factor XF has undergone a special stabilization process to protect the effectiveness of the Transfer Factors.

Originally, 4Life test results showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Classic boosted NK ( Natural Killer ) cell activity 103 percent (103%) above normal immune response without supplementation, more than 2 times higher than the next highest supplement product.

Further studies conducted by the Russian Academy of Medical Science*** validate the original findings and reports that 4Life Transfer Factor “Advanced Formula” helps boost NK ( Natural Killer ) cell activity by 283 percent (283%) and 4Life Transfer Factor Plus “Advanced Formula” helps propels NK cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent (437%) above normal immune response levels. Even further studies also showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Classic helped increase NK cell activity by 204 percent ( 204%) when tested at a 48 hour activation time.
***DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Test results obtained from an independent, unpublished in vitro experiment conducted by the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, in Kashirskoe, Russia. The randomized and controlled in vitro study assessed the effects of 4Life Transfer Factor Classic, 4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula, or 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula, versus a positive control (Interleukin-2, or IL-2) on NK cell activity and effectiveness in destroying damaging cells. Blood was collected from health volunteers and then incubated for up to 48 hours. (REFERENCE: Kisielevsky MV & Khalturina EO. Unpublished observations)

SEN CANADA: The science behind Transfer Factors

Unlike the common supplements that you can find in every pharmacy, Transfer Factors aren’t vitamins, minerals or herbs that add nutrients to your body. Instead, they’re molecules that transfer a cell extract from one entity to another to boost the immune system.

Basically, Transfer Factors are most commonly used to fight infections especially for people with weak immune systems. One of the leading distributors of this product all over the world is SEN CANADA. Their products can be found in physician offices, hospitals, and pharmacies throughout the world. Read further to learn more about the Transfer Factors here in this blog.

What is a Transfer Factor?

A Transfer Factor is a type of molecule that is obtained from a human or animal that is immune to certain diseases. For medical purposes, scientists who create these products research on different infections to obtain immunity from them. Moreover, Transfer Factors are administered as shots or taken by mouth.

How it was discovered

This all began in 1949 where Doctor H. Sherwood Lawrence, a New York University immunologist, realized during his experiments that an immune system response can be transferred from one person to another with the use of a white blood cell extract. As he finished his research, he called these extracts as a Transfer Factor since they are capable of transferring the donor’s immunity information to the recipient.

Uses and effectiveness

One of its most common uses of Transfer Factors is to create protection for people with weak immune systems. 

Proven to be effective for

  • Shingles (herpes zoster) – A Transfer Factor is proven to be effective to prevent shingles in children with leukaemia. However, do keep in mind that taking them the second time is not as effective and will not be able to fully protect you against shingles. It is also known to help reduce the pain compared to drugs you can find at every pharmacy.

Insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness for

  • Acne – Injecting a Transfer Factor shotis known to help people reduce their acne. While this may be proven to help most people, there are still no accurate statistics yet where it has proven to be an effective alternative compared to beauty products.
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS) – Transfer Factor is an effective method for some people but still has insufficient evidence.
  • Cancer of the cervix – In recent studies, Transfer Factors are known to be an effective alternative to reducing the risk of cervical cancer from recurring.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once taken orally. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot under the muscle is not as effective.
  • A type of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn disease) – Similar to CFS, early research shows that injecting a Transfer Factor shot into the muscle doesn’t improve Crohn disease. For this reason, it must be consumed orally.
  • Genital herpes – Among all skin diseases, it shows that the Transfer Factor is proven to be an effective way of preventing genital herpes from recurring.
  • Infection of the eye caused by the herpes virus (herpes keratitis) – A Transfer Factor is proven to be an effective method of preventing eye infections.
  • Cold sores (herpes labialis) – Similar to genital herpes, a Transfer Factor is also proven as an effective way to prevent cold sores from recurring.
  • HIV/AIDS – In recent studies, a Transfer Factor is proven to be an effective way to prevent HIV/AIDS when injected. However, if you take it by mouth, it may not be as effective. 
  • Cancer of the lymph system (Hodgkin lymphoma) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once taken by mouth. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot is not as effective.
  • A sexually transmitted infection that causes genital warts or cancer (human papillomavirus or HPV) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once taken by mouth. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot under the muscle is not as effective.
  • Intestinal parasite infection – In recent research, Transfer Factors from cows seem to be the most effective way of reducing these symptoms.
  • Skin infection caused by Leishmania parasites (Leishmania lesions) – Transfer Factors are known to be an effective way to help hard-to-heal skin wounds associated with leishmaniasis.
  • Cancer of the white blood cells (leukaemia) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once taken by mouth. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot is not as effective.
  • Cancer that starts in the white blood cells (mycosis fungoides) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once taken by mouth. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot is not as effective.
  • Cancer on the upper part of the throat (nasopharyngeal cancer) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing these symptoms once injected. However, do keep in mind that taking it by mouth is not as effective.
  • A type of bone cancer (osteosarcoma) – Transfer Factors are an effective way of reducing the tumour once taken by mouth. However, do keep in mind that injecting a shot is not as effective.
  • Prostate cancer – In recent studies, injecting a Transfer Factor shot into the muscle might reduce the progression of certain types of prostate cancer.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) – In recent studies, injecting a Transfer Factor shot doesn’t improve RA especially for children under the age of 16.

FAQs about SEN CANADA’s Transfer Factors

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about this product that we offer.

Q: I don’t like swallowing capsules. Are there any alternative supplements I can take?

A: You don’t have to worry if you have a problem swallowing capsules. Here at SEN CANADA, we offer a variety of products to make it easy to get daily immune system support. Some of those are:

  • 4Life Transfer Factor 
  • RioVida Tri-Factor 
  • Formula: 4Life Transfer Factor 

Q: Is there any progress regarding the research on Transfer Factors?

A: Ever since the Transfer Factor was invented, scientists never stopped making innovations for this product. With the aim to help people with weaker immune systems with medicine to fight infections, an estimate of over $40 million has already been spent to make it as effective as possible. Today, SEN CANADA offers new products such as 4Life Transfer Factor, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus® and Tri-Factor Formulas that are effective in boosting your immune system.

Q: Is 4Life Transfer Factor a good energy booster?

A: Our Transfer Factors can boost your healthy energy levels by strengthening your immune system. Here at our organization, we aim to make different types of supplements that can help your body eliminate all the infection as much as possible.

Q: I eat a healthy diet, do I still need a 4Life Transfer Factor?

A: While it is true that a healthy diet can boost your immune system, having the right supplement is also essential to maintain it. Transfer Factors have the ability to strengthen your body and keep the white blood cells running at their peak performance.

Q: What makes 4Life Transfer Factor unique from other supplements?

A: Compared to other products 4Life Transfer Factor, our product is known to provide a long-term solution for an active, balanced immune system. This will not only prevent you from getting diseases but can help you physically and mentally as well. With SEN CANADA, rest assured that you will get the highest-quality Transfer Factor in the market. 

Q: How does my immune system affect my overall health?

A: Immune systems have one goal and that is to eliminate all the bacteria that is running through your body. However, if you are sleep deprived, have a poor diet plan, and a stressful lifestyle, you will have a high chance of getting sick. For this reason, a good work-life balance is a must to maintain your immune system.

Q: Can 4Life Transfer Factor strengthen my immune system?

A: Transfer Factors are made up of molecules that signal your cells all over the body to fight harder and more effectively to keep you well. They are responsible for providing intelligence to the immune system in three ways:

  • Recognize. Transfer Factors signal your white blood cells in identifying germs and other problems more quickly.
  • Respond. Transfer Factors boost your immune system’s response to an invader after it’s been identified.
  • Remember. Transfer Factors warn your cells if there are any germs invading your immune system, so the next time it comes around, your body knows exactly what it is, and what to do.
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