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The Social Economic Networkers Team is a dynamic global organization of more than 300,000 entrepreneurial independent Networkers that was originally conceived and founded by Dr. Herminio Nevárez in April 2000 . 

As a professional veterinarian with a successful practice in Corozal, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., he understood the importance of a healthy immune system to the overall well being of the patients he treated. When he was introduced to a small private company from Salt Lake City, Utah, called 4Life Research Inc., he realized that 4Life was on the cutting edge of the study of Transferceutical Science and that the creation of their natural supplement Transfer Factor would change the way we take care of our health. 

Dr. Nevárez knew that very few people had ever heard of Transfer Factors, but from his professional experience he also knew that their was no price you could put on your health. He made an agreement with David and Bianca Lisonbee, the Owners and Founders of 4Life Research Inc, to return to Puerto Rico as an Independent Distributor for 4Life Research Inc. Once he had returned home, he immediately went to work on designing an educational program to simplify and master the Network Marketing Distribution System that 4Life Research Inc. had been using to move its products. Once he had perfected the system through trial and error, he formed his distribution network once called the International Networkers Team and now formerly known as the Social Economic Networkers Team, or SEN Team.

Through the SEN Team, thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide are able to increase their quality of life, build a business from their own home and achieve the satisfaction that comes from being your own boss on your own time schedule. NO expensive overhead, NO time consuming administration, NO 9 to 5 work schedule and NO limit to what you can earn if you work the system faithfully as it has been designed. SEN is now in over 50 countries around the globe and poised to become the largest Networking Team in the history of the Network Marketing Industry. 

Built on the foundations of ethics, integrity and public service, SEN Canada was formed. With the support & direct mentoring from many of the top SEN Leaders including Dr. Herminio Nevárez himself, SEN Canada continues to grow!

If you have ever dreamed of building financial stability in a changing economy, while enjoying the ability to spend your time as you please and where you please….  then take the decision today to share the vision of the SEN Team and build your own Network as an International Independent 4Life Distributor!


Greetings! SEN CANADA is a global organization of entrepreneurial independent networkers that was originally founded by Doctor Herminio Nevárez. In this page, you will get the chance to know about our story, goals and many more.

Our story

As a professional medical practitioner in Corozal, Puerto Rico, U.S.A., Dr Nevárez understood the importance of a healthy immune system to the overall well-being of a person. 

He began taking interest in being a distributor when he was introduced to a small private company from Salt Lake City, Utah, called 4Life Research Inc. During their meeting, Dr Nevárez realized that 4Life had an amazing product called the Transfer Factor—a natural supplement that boosts one’s immune system.

Dr Nevárez knew that few people had heard of Transfer Factors. Despite this, he still made an agreement with David and Bianca Lisonbee, the founders of 4Life Research Inc, to become a distributor of their product. 

Once he went home to Puerto Rico, he immediately went on to work in making an educational program to simplify and master the Network Marketing Distribution System to market these supplements effectively. 

After a year, he then decided to form his distribution network once called the International Networkers Team and now known as the Social Economic Networkers Team, or SEN Team.

Our goal

As a global industry leader, SEN CANADA focuses on long-term business success through the production and distribution of Transfer Factor medicinal supplements all over the world. Our mission is to:

  • Develop long-term partnerships with potential clients and distributors
  • Work with honesty and integrity with other people at all times
  • Continuously improve to maximize environmental, social and economic sustainability
  • Embrace change and encourage innovation
  • Seek excellence in everything we do
  • Respect the environment and communities within which we run
  • To be the largest networking team in the world.

Join us now!

Today, SEN is known to be one of the largest networking industries in the world. If you want to have financial stability in this ever-changing economy while enjoying the ability to spend your time for yourself and your family as you please, then we recommend joining us today! At SEN team, you will have the chance to build your network as an international independent 4Life distributor!

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